Little Things You’ll Notice When Birdwatching


Ever heard of nanotechnology?

By definition, it’s a branch of technology which (1) involves things with a size of below 100 nanometers and (2) involves particles with a size of up to 100 nanometers. Simply put, it’s the study of little things – the littlest of all even.

Now, here’s the question: what do you think is the connection between birdwatching and nanotechnology?

Well, here’s the answer: birdwatching is kind of similar to nanotechnology, where you get to see birds in action up close, as well as learn more about their wonderful characteristics and know more about their exceptional behaviors – the littlest of details even.

That being said, here are some little things you’ll notice when birdwatching:

The Way Birds Fly

Up and down, left and right – that’s what most people think about birds flying. But you know what? The way birds fly up is what we call spontaneous. The way birds fly down is what we call graceful. There’s also a distinct pattern whenever birds fly left and right, which either means anticipation of mating or anticipations of preying.

The Way Birds Migrate

We all know that birds migrate during specific periods of time. But what most people don’t know about is the way birds migrate. You see, it’s not just about flying off to another place. It’s also about flying with a destination in mind – including their home grounds, as well as their hunting grounds. It’s also about flying with a purpose in mind – including their own mating season, as well as their own breeding season.

How Magnificent Birds Are

All you need to have is a scope, which you can look into this source, to see how magnificent birds are. You see, there are a whole lot of birds out there. You also see, there are a whole lot of birds not yet discovered by man. There’s a really magnificent world out there, where every bird is just free to soar anywhere they want and where every bird is just open to fly anytime they want.

How Humane Birds Can Be

Believe it or not, birds can feel gratitude to other wildlife species and even humans. They can also do things in return for other wildlife species (like a bird cleaning a hippopotamus’ teeth) and even humans (like Wesley the Owl and Stacy O’Brien’s remarkable story). That’s how humane birds can be. And that’s how magnificent birds can truly be.

How about you? What little things have you noticed about birds? Share your thoughts with us below!

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