Most weed growers prefer using LED grow lights to incandescent or fluorescent lights. LED grow lights have some remarkable advantages against these traditional sources of light. Here are the advantages of using LED lights to grow marijuana indoors. You can btw read a lot more about it at healthyhandyman.com.

LED lights are energy efficient

Compared to Incandescent lights and fluorescent tubes, LED lights have been found to use 70% less electricity. Using them for indoor cultivation of Marijuana is, therefore, friendly to your electricity bills. If the cultivation is a large space that requires more than one LED light, you will notice that you are using far less electricity.

LED Grow Lights emit the correct wavelength of light needed for photosynthesis

Another reason why LED lights are preferable to other sources of lighting for indoor Marijuana growing is that it gives out the required wavelengths of light essential for completing photosynthesis in weed. Incandescent lights and fluorescent tubes give out white light which is a combination of many wavelengths some of them not essential for photosynthesis hence a lot of energy goes to waste.

LED lights don’t give out heat energy

One major setback of incandescent and fluorescent sources of lighting is that they emit a lot of heat energy with prolonged use. The heat energy comes with its problems when the lights are being used for indoor cultivation of plants. For instance, dissipation of heat will require the installation of air conditioning systems so that your weed doesn’t die under the searing temperatures. LED Lights, on the other hand, emit almost zero heat making them excellent for the job.

They last longer.

LED Lights have been found to last 100 times longer than incandescent lights and about 7 times longer than fluorescent lights. Installing LED Lights systems in your indoor weed plantation, therefore, ensures that you don’t replace the source of light often.