The Importance of Nanotechnology to Us

Have you heard of Nanotechnology? Do you have any idea about it? Its great implication can greatly affect how we live our lives. It is one of the best modern technologies around the world.

Is Nanotechnology important to us? That’s what we’re going to find out today! We’ll show you the importance of Nanotechnology to us.

Provide a Lighter Body Armor

The common body armor can be quite heavy. By using the nanoscale additives, it helps provide a lightweight ballistic energy deflection in body armor.

It feels like you’re walking in cotton pyjamas but still protected like a tank. Also, helps avoid wrinkling, staining, and bacteria growth.

Smart Fabrics

Smart fabrics are equipped with nanoscale electronics and sensors which allow it to monitor your health. It can also be used to capture solar energy and harvest energy through movement.

Ultra-high Definition Television

Nanotechnology helps provides clear displays on televisions which produce more vibrant colors for the best watching experience. While providing a more vibrant display, it also helps save more energy efficiently.

Flexible Electronics such as Curved Mobiles Phones and Televisions

Curved TV
Thank Nanotechnology!

Curved phones and televisions are possible with the help of Nanotechnology. Modern smartphones and television can be “stretch” or “flexed” which makes it a huge hit worldwide.

Prevent, Diagnose, and Treat Diseases Easily

One of the best things that Nanotechnology can offer. By using this kind of modern technology, we can diagnose a certain disease earlier. It also helps treat diseases and have a better therapeutic success.

There are more benefits it can offer! Above are some of the best benefits of Nanotechnology to us. Technology is evolving fast. This includes the wonderful Nanotechnology!

The Science of Cooking Improves Meal Preparation

How do you feel about cooking? I mean what is your impression about it?  Do you consider it as a chore and an overwhelming task? To clear things out, it’s of great importance that we  go into detail of the power of Science in cooking. By having a full grasp of the science of cooking, we will be introduced to significant cooking concepts that will give us a full grasp of what cooking is ideally about.

Inspired by power of Science in Cooking

Cooking is distinct to us as humans. It is one of our amazing activities that sets us apart from other living creatures. It is a strong manifestation of our unique intelligence. Hence, we view cooking both as an art and science. To get you informed about how the perfect technology in cooking , check our website at It is a perfect benchmark before you set your sail to cooking in your kitchen.

Cooking Creates Kitchen-Laboratory

Cooking is casting out of great scientific terms into your cooking laboratory- your smart kitchen. Scientific principles are of great help to hasten cooking techniques and to enjoy your cooking time in the kitchen. Cooking has been a part of modern technology and  recipe experimentation that really made sense to you and to your family.   I quote stunning words of John Harvey Kellogg that food is simply sunlight in cold storage. This insinuates that there is a scientific explanation for everything. It starts with how plants acquire their food, to how they become our food. It’s biology and chemistry.


Cooking is the Application of Scientific Principles

As a home cook, we may not notice it as we are not paying attention to it. Interestingly,  we are actually using scientific principles to improve our cooking in the kitchen and to make delicious food. The meal preparation involves the mixing, measuring, and inventing. Cooking is physics and chemistry. The kitchen is our busy laboratory and we are the brilliant scientists. According to Jack Bishop, Editorial Director at America’s Test Kitchen, cooking is actually the perfect combination of chemistry and physics and that the only difference it has to actual experimenting is that we eat the results or our lab work.

Cooking is Science

Cooking is Science in its own right.  Each of your best recipes specifies the exact measurement of each ingredient to make a perfect dish. You follow instructions systematically to make cooking successful and that the recipe would turn out to be the expected perfect food. You applied energy and the perfect method to create a delicious and nutritious dish.   Now, are you convinced that cooking is a science and that it is present in your kitchen? If you make this realization, then you have a full grasp of what cooking is all about and you can be capable of making certain adjustments of the ingredients and the heat and temperature to make fit to your desired delicious food.

Watch this video and learn the Science behind pressure cooking.

The science of cooking signifies that cooking is a repeatable act and that you can repeat the procedure again and again until you achieve the perfect outcome.  Master the scientific principles of measurements and cooking methods to make cooking a perfect experiment of flavor- combinations  in the kitchen.

What is Nano Business and Nanotechnology?

If you are one of the curious people wondering what the hype of NanoBusiness 2006 is all about then first you need to to know what Nano Business and what nanotechnology is.

The Nanobusiness Commercialization Association is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to creating a friendly political environment that nurtures research and innovation in nanotechnology. But what is nanotechnology? It is applied in various field of science and is used in organic chemistry, material science, molecular biology, and surface science and is more commonly defined as as an engineering science and technology conducted at the nanoscale (from 1 to 100 nanometers) that studies the application of minute things.

Nanotechnology started when a physicist named Richard Feynman introduced his ideas and concepts about nonotechnology. His talk was called, “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom,” explained the process of how atoms and molecules can be controlled and manipulated. But that was merely a concept and it took a long time before nanotechnology was put to use. It wasn’t until 1981 until modern nanotechnology began and the age of microscope began.